A Collective Impact Approach to Digital Communications


The Health Care Innovation Portal (HIP) 

The DCHI Health Care Innovation Portal is the latest tool to support our collective effort in furthering cross-sector health care innovation within the State of Delaware. This portal serves as a central hub for all stakeholder communications (press releases, webinars, articles) as well as a publicly contributed collection point for any relevant local or national news and reports. 

Below you are able to filter submitted materials by committee, publication and theme. Our hope is that this will improve access to the most relevant and useful information for stakeholders across the state to collaborate and maintain awareness of the efforts put forth as well as guide the larger conversations of innovation in critical areas of health care. 

To have your organization’s materials included or to contribute articles you feel are important for discussion and dissemination, please email the links and content to submissions@dehealthinnovation.org

Patient and Consumer Advisory
How Alabama Lowered Its Infant Mortality Rate
Originally posted: 07/09/2020

CRAP. Alabama has persistently had one of the highest infant mortality rates in the United States—one on par with those[…]

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Leadership in Primary Care Practice
Originally posted: 06/04/2020

In a [recent _Milbank Quarterly_ study](https://www.milbank.org/quarterly/articles/leading-innovative-practice-leadership-attributes-in-leap-practices/) on the need for investment in leadership at the primary care practice level, Benjamin F. Crabtree and colleagues[…]

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